From the Director

Dear Friends,

We're into the final weeks of summer and the passing of time simply amazes me. At Reeves-Reed Arboretum, we're always looking ahead at a year's calendar to plan out events and programs around the changing seasons, yet why do the months whizzing by still give me pause? Perhaps it's the daily reminder I see as I look out my window. Working in and around a garden is like working alongside a natural clock, forever ticking away. And the hope around here is that we all draw inspiration as we punch our cards at this horticultural time clock.

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for me came from our Education Department during one of our regular weekly staff meetings. Jackie and Lisa mentioned, in passing, that recently they had the occasion to work with students who spoke Arabic, Slovak, French, and Spanish. I was happily surprised and encouraged to learn that our outreach extends beyond local, geographical, and cultural borders, and that our staff has the opportunity to challenge themselves in a unique and special way by sharing the mission of the Arboretum with people who don't speak our language. This experience was deepened during the second of our Sounds of A Summer Night concert series, with an international theme this summer, when Maleku Folklore Costa Rica performed. The majority of the guests at the concert were new to the Arboretum and also non-native English speakers. The evening was a joyous combination of music, dancing, and colorful costumes, set amidst the beautiful Arboretum grounds. At the end of the concert, new friends were made. In fact, one new friend, Celine Benet, offered to translate our publicity materials into Spanish, extending our ability to reach even deeper into our community. Inspiration strikes again.

There's a saying, "deep roots are not reached by the frost." Well, it's clear to me, the more we reach into our community and the deeper we embrace our mission, the healthier and stronger we are as an Arboretum, as a community organization, and as a service provider to all who visit.

See you in the garden.