Dear Frank,

I had one of those days recently where I needed an escape. The moon didn't seem far enough, Tuscany was unattainable and just before my spirits sagged with the reality of it all, I remembered the Arboretum. And what a savior Reeves-Reed was. Like a homing pigeon, my feet instinctively took me down the newly mulched paths through the woods, further than I ever had been, and when I was returned to the top my spirits were renewed.

You must be part magician for the improvements you have created are beyond expectation and transformative.

My association with the Arboretum began in the cold nearly 15 years ago when I braced the winter cold to register my son for a summer class. From there we took in maple sugaring, daffodils, stars and with every new school my children attended I led a field trip. Like a crescendo, it is now bursting with song and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for it and the leadership you brought to the table to make it all possible.

Happy summer,


AnnMarie McIlwain
Founder and CEO

Hi Jackie,

I am writing to tell you have pleased we are with Andrew's first experience at the Arboretum camp. He had such a great time and absorbed an incredible amount of knowledge. He keeps telling me facts about dinosaurs, birds, trees and plants each day. I guess I will hear it all slowly over time. He had a blast and I liked being included on the last day.

Thanks again and we look forward to more events and camp next summer!

Suzanne Kruep

Hi Jackie — I just wanted to say thank you to you and Olga for making my
daughter's birthday party wonderful. It is obvious that the Reeves-Reed
Arboretum is a very special place. Our guests were so complimentary and
everyone seemed to love it. I know a couple kids are requesting their own
parties to happen there. I see many happy memories being formed at the
arboretum in the future. I'm so happy that it is now a part of our lives!

Thank you!
Margot Zigmont

Thank you so much for the wonderful tours on May 13. The members of the Greenfingers Garden Club loved all aspects. The guides were especially informed and accommodating, and the lunch at Basilicos was delicious. In all it was a great day, and I want to thank you all (and Mother Nature) for making our day spectacular!


Sara Hill

Although we are members, it has been a while since we visited Reeves-Reed. We were delighted that we stopped yesterday. The sculptures were thought-provoking and well situated to show off the sculptures as well as the plantings. We love the sculptures in the garden.

But we were delighted to find the "library and refreshment" area. We really missed the shop when it closed, and the wonderful volunteers who staffed it. But we really enjoyed the new area! We had coffee and snacks and were able to use the library references to find out more about about some of the plants we had seen. It was a treat to sit on the patio and enjoy yesterday's beautiful weather surrounded by the new plantings. Thank you for this thoughtful and well-planned addition to the arboretum.

Marla Jackson

Thank you to all the people who worked so hard to make the Reeves-Reed Arboretum look so good for all of us to enjoy!

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Thank you for providing my children with a such fun and educational experience.

I will be sure to have them back for your classes in the future

Kurt Miller