Where nature meets history

Reeves-Reed Arboretum engages, educates and enriches its visitors so that they become better stewards of nature and the environment. This mission is achieved through the care and utilization of an historic estate and gardens. Photo courtesy of Stephen Harris, sph-photo.com.

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends, 

November marks a very important time at the Arboretum. It’s the time of year that we ask you to support the work we do with a gift to our Annual Appeal, Nurturing Nature 2021.

I strongly believe that carrying out our mission – engaging, educating, and enriching our visitors so they become better stewards of nature and the environment – is an investment in our future. While reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the amount of waste we produce are important steps in improving the health of our planet, having a love and respect for it is just as important. With every program we teach or garden tour we lead, we are planting seeds of love and respect for the natural world that we hope will root and continue to grow; and be passed along to others.

So please help me continue to plant these “seeds” with a gift today.

With deepest gratitude,




Jackie Kondel

Past Letters from the Director

Board of Trustees

  • Pascal Lalonde - President
  • Monica Richter - Vice President
  • Jay Brinkerhoff - Treasurer
  • Tom Ucko - Secretary
  • Jackie Kondel - Executive Director
  • Mandana Arvandi
  • Sonja Shaffer Gamgort
  • Lisa Hatch
  • Laura Hughes
  • Elizabeth Keil
  • Sherry Kerrigan
  • Lori Leiter
  • Jaime Levine
  • Sarah Munroe
  • Zander Oldendorp
  • Mary Parker
  • Donna Goggin Patel
  • Hadley Peterson
  • Pragya Sharma
  • Melissa Spurr
  • Amy Tezel
  • Toby Wesson

Trustee Emeriti

  • Mrs. J. Kent Blair
  • Ms. Suzanne David
  • Mr. Robert F. Ehinger
  • Ms. Ann Thoke Espy
  • Mr. Andrew Gottesman
  • Ms. Victoria Perla Guagliardo
  • Mr. Scott Hayward
  • Mrs. John H. Huneke
  • Mr. Robert Keller
  • Mrs. Robert A. Malin
  • Mr. Cameron McClearn
  • Mrs. Patty Olsen
  • Mrs. A.T. Quantz
  • Mr. Charles Reed, Jr.
  • Mrs. Joseph Reed
  • Mr. George K. Ross
  • Mr. Tom Ucko


Financial Reports

Sources of Income

    2020 Total Income $1,012,220
  • Public Support %63
  • Program Services %12
  • Interest & Dividends %2
  • Special Events %10
  • Donations & Services %13
  • Miscellaneous %0

2020 Financial Report

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    2019 Total Income $1,223,883
  • Public Support %53
  • Program Services %15
  • Interest & Dividends %3
  • Special Events %15
  • Donations & Services %14
  • Miscellaneous %0

2019 Financial Report

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Please scroll below for opportunities available at the Arboretum and thank you for your interest in working here!

Full-Time Positions

Part-Time Positions

Reeves-Reed Arboretum is looking for "Arboretum Ambassadors" to welcome visitors to our historic Wisner House on some Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm. Ambassadors are responsible for: Opening and closing the Wisn...

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Seasonal and Internships

Do you scour Google Images and Pinterest for new and creative decorating ideas? Do you have a passion for flower arrangements and interior decorating? Do you want experience on your résumé to help you with a floral des...

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Description: Seeking an education intern and Arboretum ambassador, who will work directly with the Environmental Education staff and the general public.  Duties and responsibilities will likely include: Greeting visito...

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