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Past Letters from the Director

Maple Sugaring Fest

Dear Friends,

“A sap-run is the sweet good-bye of winter. It is the fruit of the equal marriage of the sun and frost.” -- John Burroughs, in Signs and Seasons, 1886

I am often asked what my favorite festival is and while I love them all, as a New Englander I will always have a special place in my heart for our Maple Sugaring Fest to be held on Sunday, March 3 (see details below). With all the technology available and trust me large sugaring operations make use of it, there is still something magical about drilling a hole in a maple tree, collecting the running sap, and cooking it until it transforms into maple syrup. Be sure to stop by on Sunday and learn a little bit about this timeless tradition. It is always a fun day for young and old alike!

Until next time,