50th Anniversary

Here in Summit, people generally don't call us by our full name, "Reeves-Reed Arboretum." Usually, when you hear locals speak of this place, they just mention "the arboretum" -- and anyone who is a local knows exactly what that means. RRA is intertwined with the history of Summit and the surrounding towns, and it is one of the many amenities that make our little town so wonderful. But unlike some of the other amenities in town, like great schools, a vibrant downtown or access to the midtown direct train, this little arboretum sets our town apart. Not every town has an historic arboretum, much less one that is free, open to the public, community-supported, and dedicated to education and environmental stewardship. "The arboretum" has been that way for half a century.

Personally, one of the things I love best about the arboretum is that it's hard to disagree with just about anything happening at the here. Half joking, I always ask people who don't know about RRA: Do you like children? Volunteers? Trees? Beautiful gardens? Daffodils? History? Walking woodland trails? Music? Art? Learning about horticulture? People laugh because, really, who can disagree with any of that?  Joking aside, it's just a fact that there is good stuff happening here. And amazingly, that good stuff has been happening for 50 years all because a group of concerned citizens worked with the City of Summit to make sure that these 13.5 acres remained undeveloped and dedicated to environmental education. How great is that?

So, we are marking our 50th anniversary in all kinds of ways this year: remembering our founders, thanking our donors, supporters and volunteers, selling limited edition 50th anniversary merchandise, and continuing to nurture the community engagement and spirit that is a hallmark of RRA. As the development person here at RRA, our anniversary represents a chance to tend to the financial health of these treasured acres and gardens. Opportunities to offer your financial support include: membership, donations, sponsorships, and this year, we are happy to offer a special 50/50 Raffle also. More information on both the 50/50 and sponsorship opportunities below:

50/50 Raffle -- You've Got to Be In It to Win It!

Tickets to our 50th Anniversary 50/50 raffle are available now! Our 50th Anniversary 50/50 tickets are $10 each or $50 for a book of 6 tickets. Although NJ gaming laws prevent us from selling tickets online, we encourage you to come by in person -- maybe after a stroll through the grounds! Pop into the Arboretum office in Wisner House, to any community event or any upcoming tea to buy your tickets and support RRA. Cash, check and credit cards are all accepted. Every dollar raised in this raffle will support the care and maintenance of the arboretum's gardens and woodlands. Our drawing will take place at our Festival of Trees event, December 8, 2024. The winner need not be present at the time of drawing. Join us in this fun raffle and  feel good knowing that win or lose, the proceeds will go toward maintaining the arboretum. 


As a non-profit, RRA relies on the support of individuals and businesses alike. One of the ways we encourage large and small businesses to engage with us is through sponsorships of our community events, concerts and festivals. Sponsorships begin with a commitment as small as $250, so sponsorship is accessible to businesses of every size. Benefits include promotion, press releases, on-site engagement with members and guests, rentals, passes to events, and more. Most of all, sponsorships show your support of all the "good stuff" happening at the Arboretum. This year's events include:

-Maple Sugaring Fest -- March 3

- Daffodil Day -- April 14

- 50th Anniversary Garden Tour -- May 30

ART in the Garden 50th Anniversary Gala -- June 8

- Summer Concert Series

- Oktoberfest -- October 5

- Celebrate Fall -- October 20

- Festival of Trees -- December 8

For more specifics about sponsorships, reach out to Patty Butler at p.butler@reeves-reedarboretum.org or at (908) 273-8787.

Why Sponsor an Event at RRA?

Non-profit: RRA has been a 501(c)(3) non-profit for 50 years, and our grounds are open all year and are free to the public. It is through sponsorship and public support that we are able to maintain our gardens, woodlands and offer environmental education to all.

Family-Friendly: Our community festivals and summer concerts are open to the public and free for members. Celebrate Fall, Maple Sugaring Festival and Daffodil Day are true family-friendly events that attract between 1800 and 3000 people each. Community events represent a way for our sponsors to show direct support for families in our community.

Growth: Our community events are growing – Daffodil Day attracted more than 3000 people in 2023. We market our events to our 15K followers on social media. Our events are often picked up by social media groups that recommend our events to families, so attendance is on the rise.

Target Audience: 75% of our attendees at community events reside in Summit, Short Hills, Chatham, New Providence, Madison, Morristown, Livingston, and Millburn. The median household income in these communities is more than 2X the national average. More than half of all attendees at our community events reside in Summit, so our events are an excellent opportunity to expand and deepen relationships in this community.

Education: Education is at the core of our mission. In 2023, we offered more than 200 different environmental education programs for children and adults, and we nearly tripled the number of school field trips on our property. Our Educators engaged with more than 1400 school children and more than 200 campers throughout 2023. Our Horticulture team works on-site with special needs students and adult volunteer groups. Sponsors have a direct impact on the maintenance and growth of these programs.

Sustainability: The RRA mission is to engage, educate and enrich visitors to become better stewards of the environment. Sustainability is a focus of our educational programs for children and adults. Sponsors of our events participate directly in educating the public about sustainability and take the lead that consumers expect.

Visibility & Marketing: We grant our sponsors visibility before, during, and after an event with opportunities for signage, a dedicated table area at the event, press releases, mentions on social media, the RRA website and in our newsletter, and event passes/memberships. We are committed to collaboration to make sure we best showcase our sponsors’ services, and we work to customize packages.