Restoring the Woods!

It’s been a busy winter and spring in the Woodland at Reeves-Reed Arboretum! The Horticulture Department -along with dedicated RRA volunteer groups- implemented major trail renovations, seeded 1/4 acre with native woodland ground-cover species, and planted over 25 native tree saplings.

Work began in February when several large white ash trees (fraxinus americana) that had succumbed to Emerald Ash Borer disease were cut down out of concern for public safety. Horticulture staff coordinated with professional arborists to place large cut tree logs from these trees along the green trail running through the heart of the woodland. Smaller limbs were ground into mulch, spread over eroded trail sections, and used to direct rainwater underneath the trail in flood-prone areas.

Come visit the green trail and see for yourself the work being done to restore our precious woodland!