Saying "I Do" to the Mini Wedding!

We all know someone who was supposed to get married this year.  Brides and grooms who spent countless hours planning their picture-perfect wedding with lots of family and friends, delicious food and dancing the night away.  But Covid-19 had different plans, and so many couples found themselves scrambling to reschedule and collect deposits.  Weddings from the spring moved to the fall, and then the fall weddings were cancelled, too. 

Weddings at the Arboretum have always been special events.  So many brides and grooms have tied the knot here and celebrated with great food and music!  But the pandemic called for a different kind of wedding.  A smaller, low-key event with just the closest of friends and family.  The Arboretum stepped in and helped dozens of couples create a beautiful day and special memories! Beginning in the spring, we have offered couples what we call "Covid Weddings" or "Mini Weddings." 

Through our Photography Permit Application, we are allowing couples to come to the Arboretum with less than 25 people and, for the price of wedding photography, get married in the garden.  There are quite a few restrictions – time limit, no food or beverages, no decorations, no chairs and no access to any of the buildings on the property.   But, what they do get is a beautiful setting to say their vows. We have also hosted several "regular" weddings this year (within state guidelines), but these "Mini Weddings" meant so much to so many. 

The number of "Mini Weddings" will slow down now that the cold weather is approaching, and we are hoping that next spring we won't need to have "Covid Weddings" anymore.  We are just so happy to have helped a few (modified) wedding dreams come true!