FRIDAY, JUNE 21: RRA grounds will be closed starting at 5:00 PM for the Great American Campout. The grounds will reopen at 8:00 AM on Saturday, June 22.

Social Butterfly

Let's Be Social!

These days, that statement can mean a lot of different things. Here at the Arboretum, first and foremost, we want it to mean that you will be here on the grounds and in the gardens with us, your family, friends, and/or neighbors, learning something new, enjoying an event, exploring nature, making memories, and hopefully making new friends along the way, too!

This fall we've planned multiple opportunities for you to do just that. This month we bring back yoga & meditation to the gardens on Wednesday evening, 9/21, a plein air art workshop on Sunday 9/25, followed by an artist's reception with Julio Valdez, and last but not least, Square Foot Gardening classes with our new environmental educator, Althea Llewellyn.

Come October, join us for our signature Put the 'PUB' in Public Garden Beer Tasting on Friday 10/14, an excursion to Hyde Park & Rhinebeck, NY to visit the Vanderbilt Mansion and more on Thursday 10/20, and autumn wouldn't be complete without our annual Celebrate Fall festival on Sunday 10/23, the ultimate social gathering for family, friends and of course, goats!

Virtually speaking, "Let's Be Social" means let's stay in touch, and share information and experiences on social media. In other words – follow, post, like, tweet, snap and more! A lot of these forums are new to the Arboretum and we are diving right in, doing our best to be a presence on social media and keep you up to date on all that's happening around here. This blog is a perfect example. We are striving to have all staff members contribute regularly to give you "up close and personal" and "behind the scenes" details about the gardens, workshops, events, trips, art exhibits, volunteer opportunities, etc. You can also "socialize" with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Share your Arboretum photos and experiences too – we can't wait to see them!

Looking forward to seeing you in the gardens...and online!
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