Who's Been Here?

While many people count the days until winter is over, I find myself excited for the new discoveries that winter brings into the garden. There is nothing like a fresh snowfall to show you who has been visiting the gardens, and we were fortunate enough to still have snow on the ground for our Who's Been Here? program. As we walked the grounds in search of tracks, scat, and homes, I was amazed at the number of tracks that we saw! Below is a list of the animal tracks that we were fortunate enough to see:

• Fox tracks were found going back and forth across the Great Lawn, along the Wildflower Trail, and on the woodland trails heading towards the vernal pool.

• Rabbit tracks were found underneath a few shrubs near the entrance to the Woodland Trails.

• Raccoon tracks were seen along the green trail.

• Tunnel trails underneath the surface of the snow most likely made by a mole or shrew.

• Numerous squirrel tracks leading to or from many of our trees.

Thankfully there was one set of tracks that we were happy not to see and those were deer tracks! So next time it snows, bundle up and head outside. You may be amazed to see who is visiting your yard when you are not around.