From the Director

Dear Friends,

In just a few short months here I've fallen deeply in love with Reeves-Reed Arboretum and my role as Executive Director.  Each day is filled with the kind of challenges that I'm eager to embrace, and most importantly, I don't face them alone.

As so many of you who receive our regular e-blast already know, I'm surrounded by a passionate and hardworking crew that makes each day here lighter and more exciting.  While there's always much to do, we do it together, as a team, sharing the load, and sharing the accomplishments.

Another rewarding part of the job has been my introduction to the community.  Visitors to the grounds relate the family history, and often tell me their hopes and dreams for the Arboretum.  Not surprisingly, some even have specific requests.  Yet each and every one shares a love and appreciation for RRA, and recognizes its role as an important community resource.  This view is also echoed by the many members of City Hall with whom I have had the fortunate opportunity to chat, as well as the number of people who chose the Arboretum as the site for their wedding, anniversary or birthday party, or corporate event.

And why not?  The hiking trails surrounding the property, the gardens, and the gently rolling lawns that are the core of the Arboretum offer that special respite from the hectic pace of everyday life we so eagerly seek and often times desperately need. 

These are the last golden days of the summer.  Soon we will be heading into the fall, and as it was when we were children, it seems that the pace of life picks up with the start of the school year.  I ask you to remember that just a little way down the road from the center of town, at 165 Hobart Avenue, lies a serene spot for you to slow that energetic pace down a bit.  We're here for you, now and always.

See you in the garden!