From the Director

Dear Friends,

The poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, ended his ode When Autumn Came with these words of spring's promise:

Give some tree the gift of green again.
Let one bird sing.

These green gifts are now apparent with each new passing day at the Arboretum. And as the air is filled with the songs and sounds of spring, each look, each warble, is inspiring to all of us who work or visit here. The promise of spring, and all the activities in store, make us quickly forget the driving snows of this past winter. So we ask you, come by for a visit. Come experience the steady budding of the trees, ever dependable, as they create a pointillist landscape before your eyes. The ground is opening up, plants and bulbs, autumn's secret, are shooting through the thawed soil, and soon the Arboretum will once again be ablaze with thousands of daffodils.

We welcome you anytime, but be sure to mark your calendar for some very special upcoming events like Daffodil Day (April 27) as well as our regularly occuring programs and workshops. Just check out our website for an updated listing.

And don't forget, thanks to our friends at Investors Bank, all signature activities here at Reeves-Reed Arboretum are free to members. Not already a member? Not to worry. Just sign up online or call the office and join us in this wondrous celebration of spring.

Reeves-Reed Arboretum - a place to grow....for everyone!

See you in the garden.