Artwork by Jesús Núñez: September 23 - November 19, 2023

An extraordinary celebration of creativity and the natural world awaits art enthusiasts as Reeves-Reed Arboretum announces its latest exhibition, Nature on the Move: Rhythmic Abstractions by Jesús Núñez. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Arboretum’s lush landscapes, this captivating showcase of abstract art will transport visitors into a realm where artistic imagination intertwines seamlessly with the beauty of the outdoors.

Nature on the Move explores the interplay between abstraction and the organic world. From bold paint strokes that evoke the rush of wind through leaves to delicate swirls reminiscent of petals unfolding, Nature on the Move invites viewers to interpret and immerse themselves in a visual journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional representation. With a palette of vivid colors, intricate textures, and thought-provoking forms, visitors will engage in a dialogue between the human spirit and the natural environment. This collection of works also harkens to Núñez’s roots as an award-winning culinary artist; Núñez used kitchen tools rather than traditional painting tools to create these expressive forms.

Nature on the Move: Rhythmic Abstractions by Jesús Núñez will be on view to the public September 23 – November 19. All works are for sale and the artist will donate 30% of sales to the arboretum. The Wisner House Gallery is open to the public from 10 am – 4 pm Tuesday through Sunday, except when closed for private events. Please check here for updated gallery hours. An artist’s reception will be held on November 5th from 2-3:30 pm in the Wisner House Gallery. Questions about this exhibition can be directed to Office Manager Marilyn Foehrenbach at

About the Artist

A native of Spain, Jesús Núñez is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist. From a young age, art has always come naturally to him. As a teenager growing up in Madrid his first step into the public art world was through street art. As he became established in life, he turned his artistic talents to a new form of culinary art. For 20+ years Jesús has led helms of renowned restaurants in New York City and Madrid, including three of his own: Gastroarte, Polenta, and Flou. In its review of Jesús’ first New York restaurant, The New York Times called his cuisine edible art and compared Jesús to famed Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. Throughout his career, Jesús has proven himself a highly creative visionary who pushes boundaries and experiments with new techniques. Fourteen years ago he moved to New York City and has since been creating new work that is genuine to his process and life experiences thus far.

Núñez currently owns his own gallery, J. Nunez Gallery, in Millburn, NJ, where he showcases the works of several local abstract artists. Visit to learn more about the artist and to learn more about his gallery.