What's Your Niche?

The health of an ecosystem is dependent on the plants and animals that are found there. Students will learn about how various organisms interact within the Arboretum's different habitats and how they have adapted to survive. Energy systems within the ecosystem will be explored and students will learn about how changes in within a habitat affect populations and the ecosystem as a whole. In the greenhouse students will learn about the water and nitrogen cycle and create a mini-terrarium to take home.

Program length: 2 hours

This program emphasizes the following New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science:

5.1A: Understand Scientific Explanations

5.1B: Generate Scientific Evidence through Active Investigations

5.1C: Reflect on Scientific Knowledge

5.1D: Participate Productively in Science

5.3.B: Matter and Energy Transformations

5.3.E: Evolution and Diversity

5.4.6: Biogeochemical Cycle

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