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Reeves-Reed Arboretum is Harnessing the Power of Goats for Eco-Friendly Solutions!

Summit, NJ – In an exciting leap forward for sustainable land management, Reeves-Reed Arboretum is proud to continue its innovative approach to eco-friendly land restoration and maintenance through the utilization of goats. The Arboretum has been collaborating with Green Goats Farm in Rhinebeck, New York for almost 10 years. This green initiative revolutionizes the way arboretums, public gardens, parks, farms, and homeowners care for the environment while promoting biodiversity and reducing environmental impact.

Traditional land management practices often involve heavy machinery and chemical treatments, which can have detrimental effects on ecosystems and soil quality. In contrast, this approach embraces the natural behavior of goats to provide a holistic and environmentally sensitive solution to land management challenges.

Key Highlights of Goat-Powered Eco-Friendly Land Management:

1. Natural Vegetation Control: Goats are expert grazers and can efficiently clear overgrown vegetation, reducing the risk of wildfires and promoting the growth of native plants.

2. Soil Enhancement: Through their grazing habits, goats help improve soil quality by aerating the earth and naturally fertilizing it, reducing the need for chemical additives.

3. Biodiversity Promotion: Goats selectively graze, allowing a diverse range of plant species to thrive, enhancing the overall biodiversity of the ecosystem.

4. Carbon Footprint Reduction: By minimizing the use of heavy machinery and chemicals, a goat-powered approach significantly reduces carbon emissions and environmental impact.

5. Local Community Engagement: This initiative provides opportunities for visitors, Arboretum members, staff, and volunteers to learn about and see this sustainable land management program in action, fostering a sense of stewardship and community involvement.

6. Cost-Effective Solutions: Goat-powered land management proves to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, saving resources while yielding superior results.

“Reeves-Reed Arboretum is committed to a greener, more sustainable future. By harnessing the natural abilities of goats, we are demonstrating our dedication to environmental responsibility, showcasing a model for eco-friendly land management, while preserving the planet for future generations,” shared Reeves-Reed Arboretum’s Executive Director, Jackie Kondel.

The Green Goats will be arriving at Reeves-Reed Arboretum on or about October 3, 2023, and will be grazing in the glacial bowl for about two weeks. The goats will be clearing away the overgrowth allowing for the restoration and planting of bulbs for the Arboretum’s famous “daffodil bowl” that blooms every April. Visitors are welcome to stop by and see the goats in action or celebrate them at the Arboretum’s upcoming Celebrate Fall festival on October 15, 11am to 3pm where the goats will be the “guests of honor.”

Donations in support of this green goat initiative at Reeves-Reed Arboretum can be made online at or mailed to Reeves-Reed Arboretum, 165 Hobart Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901. Questions? Call 908.273.8787, x1010.

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