Secrets of the Garden

Secrets of the Garden TV Show

"Secrets of the Garden" was filmed on location in 2013 at Reeves-Reed Arboretum and produced by HomeTowne Television.  Co-hosts Shari Edelson (the Arboretum's former Director of Horticulture) and Myung Bondy (anchorwoman and member of the HomeTowne TV news team) take you through gardening step by step, from the "thorny" topic of winter rose pruning to tricks for designing a beautiful shade garden!


Landscape Design – Part 2

Shari and Myung take you through the process of designing a landscape display for a sunny spot – and introduce some eye-catching and easy-to-grow plants for you to try out in your own garden!












Landscape Design – Part 1

Learn how to create a dynamic and beautiful garden display no matter what type of space you're working with! Myung and Shari reveal the four basic principles of landscape composition and demonstrate how to put these to use in your own garden.












Special Feature: The Cicadas Are Coming!

In this HomeTowne TV news special, anchorman Saul Simon talks with Shari about the emergence of 17-year cicadas in northern New Jersey this spring.












How to Plant a Tree

Myung and Shari plant a Yulan Magnolia tree and talk about proper planting and tree care techniques, as well as dispelling some common tree-planting myths!












Plant a Spring Container!

Container gardening is a great way to bring seasonal color into your patio or outdoor living space. Learn how to plant a knockout spring container using a mix of shrubs, perennials, and cool-season annuals – and find out about the three essential ingredients of a beautiful container display!












Preparing the Garden for Spring

Get prepped for spring, and discover why mulch is every gardener's best friend.












Winter Pruning

In this, the first episode of "Secrets of the Garden," Shari and Myung talk about proper pruning techniques, how to recognize the "Three D's" (dead, damaged, and diseased branches), and what plants NOT to prune in late winter or early spring!